Beyond The Screen ~  Season 40

Colorado Concert Films


October 8–22, 2020


In early October you’ll see and hear performances of vocal and instrumental works including a spectacular sonata by Johann Sebastian Bach, featuring Mina Gajić performing on the BBF’s new double manual Flemish harpsichord.


You’ll also experience a Johann Christoph Bach motet that is mindbogglingly beautiful—with voices and instruments including viola da gamba.


You’ll hear a chorale with a fascinating history dating to 1599, originally composed as a love song during a plague in a turbulent time of epidemics in Europe. BBF artists perform this outdoors at historic Ryssby Church, (built in 1882, Longmont, Colorado).


From ancient bows caressing the strings in the languid sonorities of a Bach chorale prelude, to fiery and richly contrapuntal harpsichord—and from the embracing timbres of the human voice to natural scenes in our beloved Colorado, our 40th season melts the screen away, connecting you to a place and a time through the artistry of the BBF musicians and the composers whose works are featured. Carrettín has chosen, and will continue to choose works that tell a story of our collective experience.


We have secured the finest musicians who speak the baroque vocabulary fluently, with depth, profundity, and joy!


We’ll be watching the Covid-19 patterns as we plan to film one of J.S. Bach’s most memorable cantatas, utilizing intimate performing forces distanced appropriately. Extreme precautionary measures are being observed to protect the artists and our community; that is why we have decided to present our 40th season as concert films, in collaboration with an outstanding A/V recording team.


December 24, 2020–January 7, 2021

Details of each program will be announced close to its release date.


Any of our Colorado Concert Films can be presented as a Live concert when it is completely safe to assemble.


March 21–April 4, 2021

We are investing more than ever before to offer you the artistry rehearsed and recorded in the venues in addition to preludes performed outdoors—celebrating Colorado and the natural world—and all in the highest possible audio and video fidelity in the region.


We just ask that you acquire good external speakers for your computer or television!


June 3–17, 2021

We promise you the most refined, insightful, and meaningful year of music making, Across Time & Across Cultures. 


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