"The Intimacy of J.S. Bach"

May 15, 2022, 4:00pm

First Congregational Church, Historic Downtown Boulder

1128 Pine St, Boulder, CO 80302


Coleman Itzkoff, cello

Christopher Holman, organ

Ysmael Reyes, flute 

COmpass REsonance instrumental and vocal artists led by violinist Zachary Carrettin


The final concert of Festival Week offers J.S. Bach in several genres, starting with the profound Cello Suite in C Minor, performed by Coleman Itzkoff. The program continues with Cantata BWV 196, Der Herr denket an uns, an early work that flows with delight and dancing joy. The vocal quartet returns for a motet by Johann Christoph Bach that reveals why JSB called him “the profound Bach.” Christopher Holman offers a chorale prelude overwhelming in contrapuntal mastery, performed on the organ. Ysmael Reyes, baroque flutist, joins Carrettin, Kim, Miller, Itzkoff, Recuber, and Holman for J.S. Bach’s ethnomusicological pan-European set of dances, the Orchestral Suite in B Minor. 



J.S. Bach Suite in C Minor for Cello Solo 

Cantata Der Herr denket an uns BWV 196


Chorale Prelude O Mensch bewein BWV 622

Johann Christoph Bach Motet: Es ist nun aus mit meinem Leben

J.S. Bach Orchestral Suite #2 in B Minor  BWV 1067