Xun xu, violin fellow

Xun is currently a Doctor of Musical Arts student in violin performance under the supervision of Prof. David Neely and in orchestral conducting under the supervision of Dr. Tyler Goodrich White at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Xun is also holding a Graduate Teaching Assistantship and the Glenn Korff fellowship. As a student, Xun is very enthusiastic about his studies and teachings. He wishes to continue expanding his horizons in both violin performance and orchestral conducting. During his time in Lincoln, he joined the UNL String Quartet.

Xun started to play the violin at the age of four and earned a bachelor's degree in Violin Performance under the supervision of Prof. Yuan Fang at China Conservatory of Music (CCOM), one of China's most distinguished conservatories. While in China, Xun also held the concertmaster position at the China Youth Chamber Orchestra. In his junior year at CCOM, Xun started to work in Pekin Sinfonietta. He played and recorded for many concerts, ballets, operas, and the Beijing Operas in the following years.