2018-19 Festival Chamber Orchestra specializing in Baroque, Classical, and Romantic period instrument performance.

Zachary Carrettín, Leader and Music Director 
Katherine Kyme, Guest Concertmaster 
Adam LaMotte, Guest Concertmaster 
Jubal Fulks, Principal Second Violin
Magee Capsouto, 2018-20 Fellowship Artist
Brune Macary
Jennifer Diaz Spera
Tom Yaron, 2018-19 Fellowship Artist 

Renée Hemsing, Principal Viola, 2018-20 Fellowship Artist
Brightin Rose Schlumpf

Guy Fishman, Principal Cello 
Joseph Howe, 2018-20 Fellowship Artist
Jocelyn Schendel, 2019-20 Fellowship Artist

Double Bass:
Brett Armstrong, 2018-2020 Fellowship Artist

Ysmael Reyes, Principal Flute
Marc Schachman, Guest Principal Oboe
Michael Dupree, Guest Oboe II 
Andrew Schwartz, Guest Bassoon 
Todd Williams, Guest Principal Horn 
Sadie Glass, Guest Horn II 

2017-2019 Guest Harpsichord and Chamber Organ:
Christopher Holman
Mario Aschauer 
Stephen Alltop
Wesley Leffingwell, 2019-20 Fellowship Artist


Theorbo/Baroque Guitar:

Keith Barnhart, 2018-19 Fellowship Artist

*Fellows are professional musicians living in the Denver-Boulder area, who are using period instruments from the BBF collection, and are pursuing studies in gut-strung performance practices in a variety of ensemble environments and stylistic contexts.