Zachary's Musings · 25. April 2019
A Boulder Bach Festival patron recently asked me about our May 23 program, and if there is a substantial difference in the set up of the string instruments between the Haydn symphony and the Chopin concerto. Great question!

Zachary's Musings · 01. April 2019
Both of the Brahms Op. 29 motets are exceptional. I'm intrigued at the prospect of presenting Op. 29 No. 1 from the perspective of a small vocal ensemble. How does the performance practice of a consort meet Brahms in a work so heavily influenced by Bach and the German Lutheran tradition?

Zachary's Musings · 04. February 2019
Read about some of the philosophy behind our Artistic Director's vision for our vibrant concert series on the Front Range. Zachary Carrettín writes about music and musical decisions behind the creation of each season, a unique set of concert experiences including music spanning five centuries.