BBF's Directors Zachary Carrettín (violin) and Mina Gajić (piano) perform Schubert Sonatinas Op. 137—Boundless on historical instruments. Click on the photo to be redirected to more information about this project,  and to hear audio samples!


The latest reviews:

“the dynamic but sensitive renditions by Carrettín and Gajić are consistently wonderful.”


"Immediately apparent is the duo’s uncanny unity of phrasing. In each gesture — whether long sequences of harmony, punchy statements, delicate lifts, or phrases that come to a halt at the edge of an emotional cliff — Carrettín and Gajić share the same sense of propulsion, giving their playing a lean power and an extra glimmer of energy...daring virtuosity, tossed off with glee...they partner brilliantly...Boundless is an excellent snapshot of a year in Schubert’s life as portrayed by a duo joined musically at the hip, with instruments that will fascinate you."


Early Music America

"Carrettin and Gajić not only get the relationship between the instruments exactly right but also benefit enormously from their decision to play the pieces as Schubert himself would have heard them, on period instruments...superior from a sheer sonic standpoint...tremendous insight...listeners already familiar with these pieces will hear them anew in this recording. The performance here has the feeling of spontaneity that only careful practice and long-term familiarity can produce...structure and emotional heft Gajić and Carrettin explore with remarkable sensitivity and thoroughness – and with instrumental sound that is, in and of itself, a real joy to hear."


String Things

"BOUNDLESS, the recent Sono Luminus release (DSL 92240) is a source of joy in our often joyless times...The playing of these two invaluable artists: gentle, elegant, utterly Romantic and romantically intimate is perfect for these works of the young Schubert, conceived as they were for the salon, not for the concert hall. There is not an iota of grandstanding or self-serving flashiness standing between the players and the music at any moment during the 56 minutes of sheer delight that BOUNDLESS brings to the listener. Recorded in an intimate, acoustically-perfect hall in Colorado, exquisitely produced by Erica Brenner, engineered from a to z by the ever flawless Daniel Shores and given an impeccable packaging by Sono Luminus, this one is already at the top of my Best of 2020 list."

"The most successful performances tend to come when there is an emotional connection between performers, an agreement as to what exact shade of green – or blue or mauve or whatever color you choose – is desired. This Carrettín and Gajić  provide in abundance. Carrettín and Gajić excel at bringing that desired airiness to the music, or, in the sometimes more serious second and third sonatinas, degree of sobriety. (They) readily bring out the tears when they are there... and one would be hard-pressed to point a finger at any expressive opportunity that they missed. In this new recording, the artists prove that they can readily adapt their technique to the demands of varied composers.  In these sonatinas, smiles, serenity, and sorrows are all present, as well as exuberance and excitement, just as Schubert imagined. The Sono Luminus release Boundless offers all of that and more.  Those who know the music will find familiar delights; those less familiar with Schubert’s sonatinas can anticipate a pleasurable new discovery."


Betsy Schwarm,