SEASON FINALE—The Sound of Romanticism, May 23 at 7:30pm

Boulder Bach Festival Orchestra celebrates our 38th Season Finale in a spectacular and virtuosic program of “sturm und drang” and romantic music.


Joined by some of the nation’s most exceptional historically-inspired musicians, Boulder’s own Festival Orchestra performs a program of Haydn, Chopin, and Brahms.

Music Director Zachary Carrettín leads from the violin and conducts, collaborating with guests and the core musicians of the Boulder Bach Festival, some of the most compelling professional musicians in the State of Colorado.


The season finale is an evening of first-ever concert experiences in Colorado!


The program opens with Boulder Bach Festival Fellowship Artists Vocal Ensemble in a special, chamber rendition of Brahms Motet Op. 29 No. 1, focusing on Bach’s influence,

with colla parte strings.


Haydn’s Symphony #49 in F Minor “La Passione” will be performed on original instruments for the first time in Colorado.

The Festival Orchestra is joined by principal players of Händel+Haydn Society, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Apollo’s Fire, American Bach Soloists, and

Smithsonian Chamber Players.


All artists play on historical instruments, including woodwinds and brass, plus string instruments strung with gut, and using bows crafted in the classical and romantic designs.


International award-winning piano soloist, Mina Gajić unveils an immaculate Érard concert grand built in Paris, 1845, in its Colorado debut for Chopin’s tumultuous, florid, and poetic Piano Concerto #2 in F Minor. Zachary Carrettín conducts the Bach Festival Orchestra in this introspective, passionate, and virtuosically-thrilling performance.


“One can expect to hear the sound world of the late classical and early romantic periods, performed by artists who love to examine and explore music beyond the expected,” says Carrettín.


From Our Recent Performances of "Obstinate Pearl" with 3rd Law Dance/Theater, at Dairy Arts Center