Saturday, 10/21/23 @ 4:00PM

Epic. Transformational. Iconic. Multi-dimensional dreamscapes inspired by one of the most beautiful melodies ever imagined.


Originally composed to entertain nights of insomnia, this is Bach’s only work of its kind, a golden goblet of sonic nourishment.


The 43rd Season opening concert of Boulder Bach Festival features one of Colorado’s favorite musicians...

SUnday, 12/17/23 @4:00PM

Fresh. Invigorated. Relevant. Powerful.

One of the most adored works of music celebrating Christmas is approached with a fresh spirit by a collective of soloists and a chamber choir of Colorado’s finest professional singers.


Boulder Bach Festival presents its CORE musical artists in a reimagined rendition of the Christmas portion from Handel’s Messiah. The performance begins with two Christmastime a cappella works...

saturday, 2/10/24 @ 4:00pm

AEQUORA: the vast and calm surface of the open sea.

Icelandic composers Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Pall Ragnar Palsson, Daniel Bjarnason, and long-time Sigur Rós collaborator Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir create new worlds in sound, traveling beyond tradition and academic expectations in their art form. This performance features new work, much of which was composed specifically for the duo Mystery Sonata, comprised of pianist Mina Gajić and violinist Zachary Carrettin. Projections of Iceland’s natural beauty...

thursday, 3/21/24 @ 4:00pm

Stradivarius—up close and personal:

“It makes me run fifteen times faster, dive fifteen times deeper… When I first picked up this violin… I understood that my life had changed.”

-Vadim Gluzman


The season finale of Boulder Bach Festival occurs on J.S. Bach’s birthday and features one of the world’s most famous violin soloists, Vadim Gluzman. Performing on his Stradivarius violin, Gluzman collaborates with BBF...